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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Windows Movie Maker: Tutorial 3 - Musical Slide Show


meadowland said...

ive got windows movie maker

goldenmeadow said...

Ive got movie maker and I think the slide show is the coolest on the web,
however for 5 or so years Ive not been able to get photos in there, and if I do, they wont drag to the time line below.
I got some help about 6 months ago and this guy said... ok your jpegs wont work, try putting in a bitmap
I did this and bingo, it began to work.
However about 3 months ago it stopped working again.
I cant even put bitmap in there now.

The funny thing is the movie side of it works ok, I can run video into it say from the video player or dvd player and it will make clips for me that play well.

Its the slide show side that is causing the probs !

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