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Friday, August 17, 2007

My adventures in Video Blogging (or Vlogging)

I started out just making a couple video tutorials for my kids. Then I decided to do one for a friend... and then one for a former colleague... and before I knew it I was getting requests from people across the country for specific programs or projects! I ended up with SO MANY video tutorials that I couldn't keep them organized on YouTube -- so I started this Blog.

But a funny thing happened -- I was uploading so many new videos so rapidly, that I got temporarily shut down by Blogger because they thought I was hosting some sort of pornographic spam server! They have since apologized and [obviously] I am up and running again... but it was a less-than stellar beginning.

Anyway, please leave me suggestions, feedback, critique, etc. so we can continue to build this into a wonderful resource.


Gary said...

Thanks Robert,
Wow, Your tutorial on capturing a screen was extremely helpful. Your teaching is detailed, delightful, and much appreciated.

We miss you at Ukiah High School,


Anonymous said...

just like you im also a teacher, im from philippines. will you teach me how to make an educational video. i want to learn how to capture a screen...
what software do i need?

Wil you teach me?

I like the video you did in Ms word.

I want to do one my own.

for the benifit of my filipino students..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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